WCL / VRÜ Article Prize 2019




Since 2020, the editorial board of WCL/ VRÜ awards the annual "WCL/ VRÜ article prize” to the contribution that resonates best with the mission statement of the journal and represents the kind of scholarship that the journal wishes to encourage in the future. 


The editorial board has decided to award the “WCL / VRÜ article prize” for the year 2019 to Ricarda Rösch for her contribution “A New Era of Customary Property Rights? – Liberia’s Land and Forest Legislation in Light of the Indigenous Right to Self-Determination”, published in issue 4/2019.


The article is a careful socio-legal study of the localization of global norms on indigenous peoples’ rights. Thematically, it makes an original contribution to the global legal debate on indigenous peoples and aligns particularly well with a “world” perspective on comparative law. Methodologically, the article combines legal analysis with empirical field research and generates original socio-legal insights, which are still too rare in comparative legal scholarship. Its geographic focus on an under-researched jurisdiction like Liberia further broadens and pluralizes the case selection of comparative public law. Finally, the board has taken into account that the author is a non-tenured scholar in the earlier stages of her career, which makes this scholarly achievement all the more impressive.


The board congratulates Ricarda Rösch to this achievement, which it hopes will inspire other scholars and future submissions to the journal. The article prize will be announced on the journal’s website and includes a one-year subscription to the journal.